Azimut yachts

Since 1969, Azimut has been been striving to set a new standard in the industry, applying its forward-facing attitude to construct beautiful and avant-garde yachts with an emotinal appeal. Over time, its innovative vision has suprised and captivated the public with its original design, technology and layout solutions, transforming the brand into a bold and iconic benchmark in the yachting sector.

The philosophy of the company after more than forty years is still to offer maximum service to its customers and to find solutions for any requests and problems that may arise in order that they may have uninterrupted enjoyment of the sea. To achieve this, there is a strong team providing a presence in all the main boating areas of the Iberian coast and the Balearics where customers can be looked after 365 days a year. Their only concern should be to sail their boats and enjoy their leisure time at sea.

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