The Sanlorenzo shipyard has been building high-quality motor yachts since 1958. It is a boutique firm in the yachting industry, building only a limited number of made-to-measure units per year. Each yacht is designed and produced according to the specific requests, style, and desires of the individual owner.

Building a Sanlorenzo takes time and passion; that’s why the shipyard can satisfy only 50 customers a year. In more than half century the shipyard has built about 1000 yachts, each one different from the other. Since 2005, the shipyard has grown substantially, improving its skill in the customization of each individual yacht.

Sanlorenzo develops designs and styles that become classics, and that outlive fashion and trends.

Mission: be the shipyard of choice for uncompromising yachtsmen. A place to explore innovation by experience, where you come to craft your own yacht and have it built to stand the tests of time and of sea.

Vision: be recognized as the ultimate reference in made to measure yacht and superyachts.

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